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Adopts Info

[email protected] or Twitter @clowncave
★ Payment through PayPal or Venmo
★ First come first serve! Claims must be paid within 24 hours, or they will be sold to the next buyer
★ After payment is confirmed, you will receive a watermark-free image file and a transparent PNG file
Terms & Conditions
-Please credit the art using this link:
-Feel free to change the design in any way, including species, name etc
-Designs are for personal use only. If you’re interested in commercial use, please message me!
-Designs can be traded or sold, but please let me know the new owner
FAQ: What are adopts?
Adoptables are character designs you can buy and use as OCs, RP, etc or even just collect. More here!

(List adopts here)

Commissions: Character/People

[ OPEN: 1 of 2 Slots Available ]

[email protected] or Twitter @clowncave
★ USD payment upfront, via PayPal or Venmo
★ When I start your piece, I’ll mail a commission update at the end of every other week
★ Will draw: humans/humanoids, OCs, IRL people/portraits from photographs, pets from photographs, designing FR gijinkas, PG-13 couples art, etc
★ Won't draw: NSFW, robots
★ If there's a particular art style or you like from me that isn't listed in the examples, feel free to request it!
Terms & Conditions
-Commissions are for personal use only. (eg: personal social media icon, character for DND, gift for SO, rp, etc)
-If you’re interested in commercial use, DM me for commercial pricing. (eg: album cover, art for apparel, art prints for selling, shop logo or banner, etc)
-Please credit the art using this link:
-I reserve the right to refuse/accept any commission inquiry for any reason.
-If I have not started your commission and am no longer able to work on it for any reason, you will be refunded the full price paid.

-character sketch sheet/expressions page
(commissions form button)

Artwork Timeline

Before Starting Artwork
● Collect project brief, artwork size specifications, reference photos
● Payment through Paypal or Venmo
Sketch Round
● 1-2 weeks: Illustrator submits initial sketch
Revision Round (Optional)
● Client provides feedback / edits if desired.
● ≤ 1 week: Illustrator submits finalized sketch, Client approves finalized sketch
Production Round
● 1-3 weeks: Illustrator submits final artwork.
● Additional revisions subject to fees.
● Illustrator submits completed artwork files. All High-Res files will be provided.

Terms & Conditions

Usage: Commissions are for personal use only. This includes art prints for personal use, DND artwork, gifts for family and friends, etc. Feel free to ask if you are unsure. :) We can discuss commercial pricing if you are interested in using the artwork for music album covers, merchandise for sale, shop logos or banners, etc.Credit: When possible, please credit the artwork. You can use the name "Lillian Xie," or by the link, or via Instagram @lillixie9.Delays: Artwork is usually completed within 2 months. In the rare case that it takes longer, you will be mailed an update every other week until completion. If I have not started your commission and am no longer able to work on it for any reason, you will be refunded the full price paid.I reserve the right to refuse any commission inquiry for any reason.

Form: Project Brief (Copy/Paste)

Preferred Contact: (list Instagram, Email, or other)
What you want drawn (Ex: "My two pets sitting next to each other, artwork for a gift" or "My 3 friends and I standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, to be printed on Tshirts for our trip")
Artwork Size: (Medium: 1200px / 4 inches length OR Large: 2400px / 8 inches length)
Reference photograph link or description: (linkhere.jpeg)
Additional detail: (Any personality/expression/color that you want included? Ex: "Blue and purple toned" or a link to my artwork that you want something similar. Stick figures are great too. Or, be pleasantly surprised!)
Anything else I should know: (For example: if you are planning to make a physical print of the artwork and need CMYK color versions.)